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Prayer Requests

Asked for prayers for strength in getting along with her neighbors.

Sing Hess

Asked for travel mercies for son, Bob, and his family as they travel to Ireland.

Stan McLauchlin

Requested prayer for healing for son, John, who had surgery.

Jane McLauchlin

Praises that her recent eye surgery went well.

Lavonna Reitz

Asked for prayers for sister-in-law, Anna Moore, who recently had kidney surgery and is recovering at Bridgeview.

Vera Reed

Please remember her  in your prayers as she undergoes surgery in Boise and for her complete recovery.  May she feel peace and calmness for her surgery.

June Vance

Please keep his daughter-in-law, Jen, in your prayers as she copes with new eating routines as a result of her pancreatitis. May the Lord lay his healing hand on her body as she recuperates at home and also give strength to her husband and son as they face the challenges of each day.

Fred Coggburn

Please keep Lorri Riddle in your prayers as her toe heals and for divine guidance as her medical team evaluate her stem cell treatment plan.

Helen McCord

Praise the Lord for the Gideon's program for the distribution of Bibles in so many public places. Please pray for the continued efforts of Floyd & Julia Miller as they serve on this local mission front.

Asked for prayers for Christy Jacobs who is in the hospital in Boise with a brain aneurysm.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Please keep Dewey in your prayers as his broken ribs heal from a recent fall.  Also he needs prayers as he waits for medical evaulation regarding his kidney.

Sherma Daarud

Please keep each member of our church family in your daily prayers for improved health, guidance and protection.  We also  ask for the Lord's help and blessings on Pastor Mark, Pastor Fred and their families as they lead this church body.

Prayers for travel mercies over the Labor Day weekend as they go to the Gorge.  May the beauty of God's handiwork in nature inspire a deeper faith in their souls.

Norm Hughes

1)  Gave praises that her Mother, June Vance, is recovering well from her hip replacement surgery.  2)  Also gave praises that her friend, Christy Jacobs, is doing better with her cancer treatment.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Asked for prayers that the congregation of her church in Chino Hills, California be healed as they battle serious depression.

Lari Ann Bracci

Gave praises that son, Joe, is doing very well. He & Mary are feeling very grateful.  Please keep this family in your prayers that they all will enjoy renewed health, both physical & mental.

Don Norris

Please keep Irv Wilkins in you prayers as he recovers from knee replacement surgery. He is currently in the Genesis Care Center on Eastland Drive North ((formerly Twin Falls Care Center).

Please keep the family of Billie Jo McRill in your prayers as they cope with their recent loss.

Helen McCord

Please keep Anna Moore in your prayers as she recovers from kidney surgery and is also having problems with her blood count. Anna is Vera's sister-in-law.

Vera Reed

Please keep Lori Riddle in your prayers as she copes with a toe infection which is a setback in her struggle to regain her health.

Lori Riddle

Please keep his son & family in your prayers. Dan is looking for a job and daughter-in-law, Jen is still healing from her recent health issues but is getting back to work. May the Lord bless this family as they struggle to get back on their feet after some recent major challenges.

Fred Coggburn

Praises that Julia & Floyd Miller continue to share their musical talents with this congregation on a regular basis.  How inspiring to see and hear evidence of their deep faith in our loving God.  Thank you Julia and Floyd for taking the time and effort out of your busy schedule to come join us.

Mary Baldwin

Praises that his family were at church with him recently.

John Slivkoff

Please keep all the people affected by Hurricane Florence in your prayers.  Some have lost loved ones, many have suffered loss of property and had to relocate, either temporarily or permanently.

Please keep those looking for jobs in your prayers, especially Pastor Fred's son, Dan and Pastor Mark's son, Steve. This process can be very discouraging.

Please pray for travel mercies for those away from home, especially Pastor Mark & Suze as they return from their trip to New York.

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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