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Prayer Requests

Please pray for her co-workers in their search for new jobs due to closure of the office.

Linda Fiscus

Please pray for healing for her brother, Peter, who recently broke 5 ribs & punctured a lung from a fall on the ice.

Myra Peterson

Please remember to pray for our church family, our Pastor & his family, our Associate Pastor & his family, our Board, our Deacons, our Deaconesses and all other support staff who help our church function.

1) Gave praise for how well her father is doing after his kidney surgery. 2) Reported that Mia, her little friend, has been diagnosed with cancer, and has 15 more chemo sessions.

Lorri Riddle

Gave thanks for the cards and prayers during his kidney surgery.

Ernie Riddle

Gave an update on her great, great nephew,Lincoln, who is doing better and has gained weight.

Helen McCord

Riqui & Zach Peterson need prayers because Zach has lost his job. Riqui is expecting their first child.

Riqui Peterson

Asked for prayers for her cousin, Norma DeVoe, who has been doing chemo treatments for lung cancer. Norma also recently lost her husband.

June Vance

A big Thank You to our newly elected Deacons and Deaconesses. Your church family appreciates your willingness to serve.

Gave praise for Izzie, who comes to play the piano for our service faithfully each Sunday.

Helen McCord

Gave praise that Arnie Ringenberg has found a friend.

Don Norris

Thanking God for his goodness and asking Him for her continued freedom from cancer.

Lari Ann Bracci

Gave praise that the Lord has provided a great nurse for her parents. She uses her cell phone so she can talk to and hear from her Dad.   God is good.

Suze Browne

Gave praise that it was good to see little Brodey Browne in church, and so healthy and alert.

Fred Coggburn

Please continue to pray that she will soon be back in circulation from an injury to her shoulder when she fell late in 2017.

Liz Johnson

Gave Thanks for all the calls, cards and food that she received after her fall.

Vera Reed

Asks for prayers for her Dad, Floyd Vance, who is having a MRI done to search for what is wrong with him.

Mary Hill-Hughes

1)  Asked for prayers for her granddaughter, Lizzy, who has a bad case of strep throat. 2)  Requests prayers that the laser surgery on her eye will be successful.

Mary Norris

Asked for prayers for her Great Nephew, Braxton Hansen, an 8 year old who is having some heart problems.

Linda Fiscus

Stated that her brother-in-law, Adrian Weis, has MS which is progressing quickly. All the family needs prayer for strength & courage to face these difficult days ahead.

Julia Miller

Please add Pastor Dale Metzer to your prayer list as he recovers from Pneumonia.  May he be strong enough to be dismissed from the hospital soon.

Reported that the Doctors think he has inflammation of his lung and that it is treatable.  Praise the Lord for some encouraging news.

Fred Coggburn

1)  Asks for prayer for her sister, Rose,  who is facing hip surgery.  2)  Requests prayer for her son, Isaac.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Pastor Mark, Suze and their family need prayer for safe travel to Texas to attend a memorial service for Suze's Mother.

Mary Baldwin

1) Asks for prayers for Pat Gerdon who is not feeling well.  2) Also requests prayer for Frankl's cousin who recently lost a daughter in a terrible car crash. 

Linda Fiscus

Requested prayer for her son, John, who recently hurt his foot while doing some repair work at the church.

Velma Butler

Reports that Lorri Riddle had a successful procedure done on one leg to improve circulation to her foot/toe. Praise the Lord!!!

Helen McCord

Please keep Helen McCord in your prayers as she battles a bad cold.

Shirley Skinner

May the Good Lord grant travel mercies for her & Don as they drive to Yuma for a month or two.

Mary Norris

Praise the Lord for the baptism of Laila, the granddaughter of her good friend, Linda Upton.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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