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Prayer Requests

Please pray for her brother Bob & his wife who is still in a nursing home in Wendell.

Sing Hess

1)  Reported his wife, Vicki, is doing much better. She will be in a sling for 8 weeks.  Her breathing problems were caused by meds.   2) Please continue to pray that his son Dan, will find work.  Also keep Jen and Jake on your prayer list.

Fred Coggburn

Liz Johnson's brother, T. Naumen, is still  in need of prayers.

Shirley Skinner

1) Please pray for travel mercies as they travel to Boise for Andy's apppointments.  2)  Also, please continue to pray for her friend, Patty, who is suffering with colon cancer.  It is very close to her liver and also has spread to her lungs.

Anne Bamping

Please pray that he will find work close to home.

Zach Peterson

Please keep Arnie Ringenberg & family in your prayers as they cope with their loss.  Also please remember others in our church family who have  lost loved ones recently &/or dealing with major health issues.

Pastor Mark

Please keep the family of Bonnie Dauven in your prayers as they cope with her passing.

Praise the Lord for the clean bill of health for her nephew, Dave Hill.

Carol Bowles

Please keep Jim Miller in your prayers as he recently lost his wife, Mary Ann.

Floyd Miller

She reports that her daughter, Melanie, has not been feeling well.

Carol Bowles

Please pray that he will have total healing from cataract surgery.

Doug Wright

Please add Pastor Vladimr in Colorado to your prayer list as he seeks medical treatment for brain cancer.

Riqui Peterson

Please remember in prayer all our church family & especially those who have lost loved ones.  The grieving process may be a slow, painful, & often lonely journey that may take years to navigate. 

Mary Baldwin

Please add Anne Bamping, Andy Bamping, & Lari Anne to your prayer list as they continue to need healing miracles.

Reports that her niece who was badly burned is getting some feeling back which is encouraging news.

Linda Fiscus

1) Reports that her friend, Connie, came through her surgery well. 2) Her friend, Jerry, thanks everyone for prayers regarding the cancer on his face. 3) Reports that her friend, Michelle Matlock, has pneumonia and would like prayers for total recovery.

Lori Riddle

Reports that Marge Shaw, who cooks at the Kimberly Senior Center, is doing better.

Liz Johnson

Asks for prayers for the Montie Lind family.

Sing Hess

Praises for getting the job with Chiboni that he wanted.  2)  We need to add his Grandpa on our prayer list for total healing from his cancer surgery.  3)  Continued prayers also for Suze's parents.

John Browne

He and Mary are glad to be back home safely from winter traveling.

Don Norris

1)  Asks for continued prayers for her nephew, Joe Franco, who is in the hospital with kidney failure.  2)  Prayers also that her daughter, Sheryl, will hear good report from her kidney tests.

Helem McCord

Gave praise for the blessings of their trip to Texas and how well her parents are doing.

Suze Browne

Please pray for Jeff Johnson and his family during their grief in the loss of his mother.

Liz Johnson

Lari Ann is starting her chemo treatment & needs the prayers of her church family.

Shirley Skinner

Please pray for the Tom Carter family in the loss of their son.

Vera Reed

Please pray for the family of Pep Martinez who lost his life in a truck accident last week.

June Vance

Reports that her daughter, Sheryl's kidney problems may improve with medications.

Helen McCord

Please continue your prayers for Shelly Jesser, who has breast cancer.

Mary Norris

Reports that he is presently working in Boise.

Zach Peterson

Please add Cathy Bostwick to your prayer list as she is in the hospital.

June Vance

1) Please continue prayers for her friend, Patty, who has had a portion of her colon removed. 2) Also please pray for comfort for a couple who recently lost their newborn child.

Anne Bamping

Please add his friend, Emily, to your prayer list for healing.

Tom Butler

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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