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Prayer Requests

Please keep David McLauchlin in your prayers as he endures the grief of losing his wife, Betty.

Stan McLauchlin

Please keep Dewey's father in your prayers for healing as he gets over the flu.

Dewey Daarud

Please keep Lana Larios Kapphahn in your prayers for healing from cancer and for her grief recovery from losing her brother recently. May the Lord grant her strength and peace at this difficult time.

Please keep her in your prayers that she may be healed and that she feels the comforting presence of the Lord.

Lavonna Retiz

Please pray for travel safety and good health as they enjoy the warmth of the sunny South for a while.

Don & Mary Norris

Please keep her on your prayer list for renewed strength and energy as her shoulder continues to heal.

Liz Johnson

Please keep Pastor Mark & Suze in your prayers as they head back to Texas for the memorial service for Suze's father.   May the family feel strength and comfort from our Loving Lord at this time of great loss.

Mary Baldwin

Please keep her in your prayers as she recovers from cataract surgery.  Praise the Lord for modern technology which improves our eyesight in our golden years.

Linda Fiscus

Asks for prayers for a great niece of Lari Ann Bracci who is struggling with a severe ear infection and also her Aunt who recently had a stroke.  May the Lord lay his healing hands on these two family members. 

Shirley Skinner

Much appreciation to those who faithfully serve our Church family as Deacons, Deaconesses, Board Members, Worship Team, Janitorial personnel, Children's Ministry, Office staff, Grounds keepers, and Pianist as they help our Pastors keep the church functioning.  Please remember to pray for your church family on a daily basis.

1) Asks for prayers for her friend, Mavis.  2) Gave praise that her sister's seizures have stopped.  3)  She also gave praise to God for reminding her that others have tougher issues than she does.

Anne Bamping

Requested prayers for Norm who is having hip issues.

Mary Hill-Hughes

1)  Requests prayer for the family of Lari Ann Bracci who recently lost a family member, Lari's sister.  2)  Also reports that Lari Ann's great niece is doing much better.

Shirley Skinner

Requested prayer for her friend, Desi, whose MS has returned.

Julia Miller

Asked for prayer for her friend, Jenniel Bailey, who is having surgery.

Helen McCord

1) Asks for prayers for Steve who is in a lot of pain from a recent fall that broke his clavicle in 2 places.  2)  Please continue to pray for Mavis regarding her heatlh.  3)  Please keep Andy in your prayers who is having hip and throat issues.  4)  Gave praise to God that their apartment is rented.

Anne Bamping

Please pray for travel mercies for her and her daughters as they travel to Washington to visit her Dad.

Sherma Daarud

Asked for continued prayers for her daughter, Lana, who is recovering from wrist surgery along with loss of feeling in her fingers.

Lavonna Reitz

Gave an update on her niece, Janiel, who is doing well after her surgery.

Helen McCord

Reports that Shirley Skinner had caught a bug and was not feeling well.

Helen McCord

1) Gave an update on her friend, Mavis, who is getting someone in to help her. 2) Friend, Patty, needs prayers for grandson, Grant, for alcohol addiction.

Anne Bamping

Please keep Bertha (Cookie) Haas in your prayers as she recovers from pneumonia. May she be back home soon and fully recovered.

Asked for continued prayers that his breathing problems might be healed.  Stan also gave Thanks for his loving and supportive wife, Jane.

Stan McLauchlin

Reports that her stem cell procedure was a success.  She is still receiving treatments but well on the road to healing.

Lorri Riddle

Asked for prayers for her brother-in-law, Ray McCord, who has been having dizzy spells. Please pray that the doctors will soon be able to diagnose the cause.

Helen McCord

Requested prayer for her friend, Patty, who recently had a nasty fall resulting in a sprained ankle.

Anne Bamping

Please remember Dottie Amazeen who is recently suffered a fractured wrist from a fall and will be wearing a cast for several weeks.

Please add Dewey to your prayer list as he recovers from surgery for a colon polyp.

Dewey Daarud

Is thankful she is able to get up every morning.

Vera Reed

Thankful to be attending church with his Mother and the church family.

Kevin McCord

Gave Thanks for her Rock Creek Community Church family.

Julia Miller

Gave Thanks to God for all He does for us.

John Slivkoff

Asked for continued prayer for Ray McCord.

Helen McCord

Asked for prayer for Louise Harbough who is having valve replacement surgery.

Norm Hughes

Requested prayer as he undergoes scheduled treatments for his cough.

Fred Coggburn

Asked for prayer for Lamont & Meredith Miller as they relocate to Twin Falls for his job with Jayco.  They need to find a place to live.

Floyd Miller

1) Requested for prayer for her granddaughter, Amber Gianchetta, who is having breast surgery. 2) Also prayer for her sister, Mary Bess, who has lost some close people this past year.

June Vance

Please add Linda to your prayer list as she searches for a job.

Linda Fiscus

1)  Please pray for Kathy, a young Mother with several children who is struggling.  2)  Please add Donna to your prayer list as she tries to be supportive of her friend.  May our Loving Lord give strength to both of these women during these trials.

Donna Cleland

Please remember Norm in your prayers for restored health real soon.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Please remember to pray for the leaders of this great nation at every level as they make decisions.  Also Please pray for our armed forces and law enforcement officials  as they lay their lives on the line each & every day.

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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