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Prayer Requests

Please keep the Scarlett family & others in our community who are coping with colds and flu.

Debra Scarlett

Reported that Lynn McCord had surgery for kidney cancer and received encouraging reports.

Helen McCord

Please keep each friend, neighbor and all of our  church family in your prayers as they cope with the "round & round" bouts of colds and flu.

Praises that Marla Garrett is willing to act as Worship Leader.

Asked for prayers for her grandson & wife who are going back to the Republic of Georgia after spending some time with family over the holidays.

Mary Norris

Gave praise that she is getting to see her granddaughter, Aurora, again.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Continued prayer for Dewey Daarud as he recovers from his recent kidney surgery.

Sherma Daarud

Requested prayer for her friend, Paul Walker, who recently had a procedure done on his heart & also prayers for herself with  her foot issues.

Lori Riddle

Please keep Kevin Holmes & his family in your prayers as they grieve the passing of his wife recently.

Sherma Daarud

Please continue for prayers for Ilene Pyron and Jane McLauchlin for their recent losses.

1) Asked for prayers for Helen McCord who is recovering from a cold. 2) Also please keep Gary and Ann Ledbetter in your prayers as they recently lost Gary's Mother.

Shirley Skinner

Asked for prayers for her son who is going to the Stanford University Hospital in Febrary regarding possible surgery on his aorta.

Mary Bryant

Requested prayer for the family of Jane Toupin who recently passed away.

Vera Reed

Thank You to the people willing to serve on the Church Advisory Board and act as Deacons and Deaconesses. May the Lord bless our little congregration with wisdom and guidance.

Please keep Pat Gerdon in your prayers as she struggles to overcome breathing problems while she is in the hospital.

Please keep Vicki Coggburn & family in your prayers as they cope with the loss of Fred.

Mary Baldwin

Asked for prayers of healing for her daughter, Sheryl, who recently had surgery on her wrist.

Helen McCord

Requested prayers for Ira's youngest brother who has had a heart attack.

Mary Bryant

Asked for prayers for his nephew, Bob Miller, and family.  Bob lost his son who was 32 years old and left 3 small children.

Floyd Miller

Please keep Lorri Riddle in your prayers for healing after more surgery on her infected foot.

Lorri Riddle

Asks for prayer for her friend, Kathy Piece, who is experincing irregular heartbeats so needs some tests and medical evaluations.

Linda Fiscus

Asked for prayers for Don, who is suffering from a bad cold.

Mary Norris

1) Gave a tribute to Fred Coggburn for all he did for our church.  2)  Expressed how he loved and missed Stan McLauchlin's hearty laugh.  3)  Rememberd Cheryl Ringenberg & Ernie McCollum as well as others absent from our church family.4)  Reminded us to let people that we love them since we may miss a later opportunity.  Norm loves his church family and wants to tell everyone that he does.

Norm Hughes

Asked for prayers for Jim Faulner with unspoken needs.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Gave praise and thankfulness that the government is open again so his son can go back to work.

Arnie Ringenberg

Asked for prayers that her dental procedure will be done with accuracy and excellence.

Suzy Browne

Said that her son-in-law was a TSA agent and gave praise that the people in this area had brought food and etc., for the workers while the government was shut down.

Mary Bryant

Reported that her daughter, Sheryl, came through her hand surgery well.

Helen McCord

Needs our prayers.  She has had all her toes on her foot removed and now has infection in that foot.

Lorri Riddle

Please pray for the leaders of our country.  May they ask for guidance, direction and wisdom as they make the decisions that affect all the citizens.  Also keep our church family in your prayers.  Each of them have problems and concerns.  Those serving to spread the gospel throughout the world benefit from our prayers for protection and encouragement.

Mary Baldwin

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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