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Prayer Requests

Please keep Suze  in your prayers as she heals from a recent mishap with her ankle and as she grieves for the loss of both her parents.

Pastor Mark

1) Reports that her friend, Patty, is doing some better after 2 surgeries. 2) Also requests continued prayer for Steve.

Anne Bamping

Thanks her church family for all the prayers on her behalf which have really helped and support her.

Lori Riddle

Asked for prayers for people to stop falling and breaking bones.

John Slivkoff

Please keep Clara Alley in your prayers as she copes with arthritic pain and other church members who suffer  with arthritis.

Gave Praise that Stan McLauchlin is doing better and he and Jane have returned to worship services.

Shirley Skinner

Gave Thanks to his church family for the calls, cards and visits during his ailment.

Stan McLauchlin

1)  Asked for prayers for her sister-in-law, Kim, who has had another back surgery.  2)  Also asked for prayers for her sister-in-law, Norma, who is recovering from foot surgery.

Linda Fiscus

Please keep Pastor Mark & Suze in your prayers as they cope with foot problems.

Please keep Corrine Granno in your prayers as she recovers from a recent illness.

June Vance

Asked for prayers for the family of Judy Mason who recently passed away.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Asked for prayers for the family of Pam Lambert who recently passed away.

Shirley Skinner

Reported that Lori Riddle is to get a skin graph in the near future in hopes that another stem cell treatment would help heal her toe.

Helen McCord

Reported that his wife, Vicki, is back home now recuperating from her broken limb.

Fred Coggburn

Asked for prayers that her sciatic problems will get better & the pain will disappear.

Mary Hill-Hughes

1)  Reported that her son, Joe, is doing much better.  2)  Requested prayers for friend, Diane Friesen, who had a hip replacement and then fell, breaking her femur.

Mary Norris

Asked for prayers for her neighbor, Sandy Coggins, who is having heart problems.

Linda Fiscus

Asked for prayers for her co-worker, Michelle Mosses, who just lost her daughter-in-law and now her new grandbaby has serious head issues.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Gave Thanks to the Lord for all He does for us.

John Slivkoff

Please keep Dewey Daarud in your prayers that his pending kidney surgery will be a success and that he will have peace with the unknown diagnosis.

Dewey Daarud

Praises that Josh & Riqui Peterson's 6.5 week old baby girl is healthy & welcome to Riqui who joined us for worship recently.  Also praises that Josh got a job in April.  Things seem to be going well for the family.

Please keep Stan McLauchlin in your prayers for his ongoing respiratory health issues.

Stan McLauchlin

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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