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Prayer Requests



John 15: 7  "But if you stay in me and obey my commands, you may ask any request you like, and it will be granted!” – The Living Bible






*Daily prayer for our Pastor Mark and his family as they lead this church.  Pray for inspiration and stamina as he studies the Word, pursues further theological education and ministers to the needs of this church family and our community.



*Daily prayer for our Song Leader/Assistant Pastor Fred as he provides moral support and help in so many areas to Pastor Mark and the church family.  Pray for creative ideas and constructive suggestions.



*Daily prayer for our Praise Team and Praise musicians.  Pray that they might continue to receive inspiration to share their talents with the congregation.



*Daily prayer for our Church Board, Deacons, Deaconesses, Office staff, Building and Property Maintenance Personnel.  Pray that each will perform his/her duties out of love for our Savior and love for our church family.



*Daily prayer for our nation.  Pray that our leaders will endeavor to bring us back to a nation with a reverence and dependence on our Savior Jesus Christ and His word.



*Suze & Mark Browne: Please pray for their aging parents.


Pray for Doug Wright in the loss of his wife, Julie.

Pray for patience and healing of his broken arm.

Frank Fiscus

Prayers for Stan and his on-going health issues.

Jane Merritt-McLauchlin

Prayer for the quick sale of Helen McCord's house.

Shirley Skinner

Travel mercies to Mexico and back.

Norm Hughes

Prayer for mercy concerning her great granddaughter who is seeing a doctor in Boise this week about a troubled pregnancy.

Liz Johnson

Prayer that Patty will be healed from thyroid cancer.

Prayer for her co-worker, Cassie, who has a cracked spine.

Linda Fiscus

Prayers for Melanie, who had surgery for bone spurs.

Carol Bowles

Prayers for her son Isaac, as he goes through a custody battle.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Continued prayers as he journeys through this chapter of life after the loss of his wife, Julie.  Doug extends his appreciation to his church family for the love and support he has received.

Doug Wright

Continued prayers for Annie Messenger who has diabetes and congestive heart failure in addition to pneumonia.

Vera Reed

Prayers for her boss's wife.

Linda Fiscus

Prayers for her grandson's family while her great granddaughter, age 2, undergoes surgery.

Corine Granno

Prayer for good weather for farmers to get crops in.

Don Norris

Praise that Bonnie Dauven has finished her radiation treatments. Please pray for Bonnie's continued health.

Linda Fiscus

Please pray for the Donna Mason family as she has passed away.

Mary Norris

Prayer for Lori Riddle's friend, Cheryl, who recently lost her Mother.

Helen McCord

1)  Thankfulness that his wife, Riqui, has been approved for a sleep study for her sleep apnea.  2)  Also, praises that the union/employees meeting went well and resulted in an increase in wages.

Zach Peterson

1) Praises for the great visit he & Vickie had with their son and grandson recently.  2)  Requests prayer that his son's employment with UPS will continue.

Fred Coggburn

1) Requests continued prayers for Patty & Merlene. 2) Requests continued prayers for her son, C.J., as his elbow heals from recent injury.  3) Gave praises for the good fall weather.

Anne Bamping

Praises for the new job that John Mark Browne has in the maintenance department of Chobani.

Riqui Peterson

Praise that Cheryl Ringenberg is home from the hospital. Please pray for God's mercy and grace for Cheryl and Arnie.

Mary Baldwin

Please pray for the family of Bill Hill who recently passed away. May they find comfort and peace in the love of our Lord.

Carol Bowles

Dottie Amazeen has sold her car so no longer will be driving to church.   Please pray for Dottie's walk with the Lord apart from her church family;may she find strength for this next chapter of her life.

Sing Ness

Her sister, Dorothy, needs prayer for the healing of her knee after surgery in preparation for a knee replacement.

Helen McCord

Continued prayer for Lori Riddle as she deals with not walking on her ankle after surgery.

Helen McCord

Prayers for her daughter-in-law, Julie, who is dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.

Vera Reed

Continued prayers for Suze as the bones in her broken ankle heal. Please pray for patience as she deals with a wheel chair for another 5-6 weeks and prayer for strength for Mark as he cares for his wife.

Pastor Mark

Praise that her granddaughter, Sara, came through her dental procedure with no problems and is healing well.    Sara is grateful for the prayers of the congregation.

June Vance

Continued prayers for Lari Anne's continued health as she journeys through cancer recovery.  Lari Anne is grateful for all the cards and prayers she has received from her church family.

Shirley Skinner

1) Prayer for her son-in-law who had a kidney removed. 2) Prayer for her granddaughter in the loss of her newborn baby.

Corinne Granno

Prayer for safe travel to and from Arizona.

Mary Norris

Prayer for the family of James Clark with his passing.

Norm and Mary Hughes

Prayer for Jennifer as she recovers from her burn injuries in the Burn Center in Salt Lake City.

Mary Jo Gartner

Prayer for her sister-in-law who is not doing well.

Liz Johnson

1)  Prayer for her sister, Mary Bess, who recently had surgery on her leg and that the infection will be healed.  2) Prayer for her cousin, Norma DeVoe, who has lung cancer.

June Vance

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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