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Prayer Requests




John 14:13
"If you ask anything in my name, I will do it"  (NKJV)






Excitement for the Word and loving God.


Reaching our neighbors for the Gospel.


Church finances





Dana Daarud has begun a new job with great benefits!


Ann Bamping has a new renter!.


Fred Coggburn's hip with bursitis is doing much better after a small surgery.






Shay's Grandmother will be having back surgery this week. 


Annie Koester - in much pain from broken hand and wrist in fall; also more problems with her leg.


Ann Bamping's brother has been in the hospital for pneumonia and is now awaiting test results to see what is causing it.  Also her new renter has several health issues.


Velma's sister had a heart attck and will have surgery on Monday.


Lois White having problems with a rental house and pray that it be resolved soon.


Lorrie Riddle with lots of pain possibly secondary to a bulging disk in her back.


Vera Reed's friend Dale has breast cancer and is starting treatments.


Margaret Thompson - having memory issues, has a lump on her arm from a bruise; not doing well.


Bailey Browne (grandson of Marke & Suze) parents are separating - please pray for the entire family.


Kristi Attebury - grandmother on her mother's side is failing: pray for her comfort in passing.


Jerry (brother of Shirley Skinner) having health issues.


Delsie Clampitt - having health issues and not doing well.


Leslie DeSimone - several health issues.


Kelly (Daughter of Don & Mary Norris) going through a divorce.


Shelley - needs to find the Lord!


Pete Bostwick - Cancer in the throat, and now on the carotid artery which conveys blood to the head.


Finalcial needs of many.


Ourselves - that we are faithful to God and are a model for those who don't know Jesus.


Lois White - Non-healing wound on leg.


McKensie (grandaughter of Sandy) has had her final chemo treatment, but is very weak and feeling discouraged.


Nettie Jennings - battling cancer.



Peace in Israel.


Pray for peace between Israil and Palastine.


The safety of the United States from attacks.


The soldiers abroad fighting for freedom and thier safe return home.


Pray for the family of Bowe Bergdahl and for Bowe's release from the Taliban.


Pray for Love Inc's success throughout Magic Valley.


Success of RCCC Food Pantry.


That the sucide rate in Idaho will go down.


Bullying in the schools will stop. 













If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.

John 14:13




Excitement for the Word and loving God.

Reaching our neighbors for the Gospel.

Church Finances!



Margaret Thompson - Health issues.

Annie Koester - Health issues

Eunice Cover (mother of Julia Sampietro) slipping memory and health.

Adrian (brother-in-law of Julia Sampietro) has MS and is struggling.

Bill Hill (brother-in-law of Carol Bowles) fell again and broke his wrist.

Bailey & Brandon (Children of Marv and Mary Jo) adjusting to school and boot camp.

Sing Hess - daughter still having trouble following shoulder surgery.

Curtis & Mary Johnson of Tenn.  (friends of Floyd Miller) battling cancer.

Kelly (daughter of Don and Mary Norris) going through family issues

Charles & Leslie DeSimone - both having medical difficulties.

Hannah (daughter of Bonnie) in Tenn. having several health issues.

Ann Bamping - renter (Steve) is having seizures.  Sister JoAnn) no longer having headaches.

Financial needs of many.

Nettie Jennings - battling cancer.



Vera Reed appreciates all that her husband, Bud, does for her while she ha a cast on her wrist following surgery.

Son and Daughter-in-law of Fred Coggburn have both found new jobs!



The safety of the United States from attacks.

Peace in Israell

The soldiers fighting abroad for freedom & for their safe reurn home.

Pray for the family of Bowe Bergdahl and for Bowe's release from the Taliban.

Pray for Love INC's success throughtout the valley.

Success of RCCC Food Pantry Ministry.






"The secret things belong to the LORD our God.  Deuteronomy 29:29




Love for the lost world

Open   hearts to God's will.

Spirit of confession


AS OF APRIL 21, 2013


June Vance: Asks for prayer for her granddaughter, Amber who has been diagnosed with a renal mass and will need surgery.


Sing Hess:  Prayers for Son-in-law, Luke Fitch, who has a back injury..  Traveling mercies.


Carol Bowles:  Friend, Virginia Becker, has congestive heart failure; still needs our prayers.


Margaret Thompson:  In Heritage Care Center, Room #1, is wishing she could ge here with us, but knows it will be awhile uintil she can.


Mary Norris : Her brother, Dan, is back in Twin Falls to continue his treatment.


Lesllie DeSimone:  Asking for prayer for her daughter, Shelly.  She also wants prayers that she will find her way back to the Lord.


Anne Bumping:  Anne's friend, Steve, is home from the hospital but still needs prayers.


Nettie Jennings: Is doing as well as can be expected but she is missing everyone.


Helen McCord, Frank Fiscus, Tracee McKim, Lois White:  Prayer or these who were unableto be with us due to illness. 


Lori Riddle:  January arm surgeryis helping Lori.  Praise!  Lori got engaged on Good Friday and will be married at our church May 4th..  Everyone is invited!


Corrine Grano:  Praise to have her back to worship with us.




Prayer for the care centers.


Prayer for financial needs of many.


Pray for Israel.


Safety for our soldiers whoare abroad to ensuee our freedom.


Bowe Bergdahl:  Continued prayers.


Pastor Saeed Abedini:  Sntenced to prison for 8 years in Iraq.

Prayer List

John 15:7   "If you remain in Me and My words remain in you.  Ask whatever you wish and it will be given you"




Spiritual and numerical growth

Love for the lost world.

Open hearts to God's will.

Spirit of confession.



Margaret Thompson: in Heritage Care Center, Room #1

Ann Bamping: Pray for Andy's health and their finances.  Also Steve has moved out of their home and they need to rent out the room again.

Sherma Daarud:  Dewey's step-mother (Vera Reed's sister) is at home but still needs our prayers.

Shirley Basham:  Pray for  son, Wesley, age 56, started on Chemo and radiation for tumors in his throat.

Lorrie Hurchison:  Please continue to pray her home sells quickly.  Also Blanchette (her seeing eye dog) is having back problems.

Riqui Heinermann:  Gives praise for her grandmothers good news from her doctor.  Also please pray for her financial needs as she is moving into a new place. 

Helen McCord:  Reported that Jeffery Attabury has a fatty tissue on his forhead and will have surgery in August.

LaVonna Rietz:  Daughter, Lana Eggbert, who broke her wrist in a fall has infection in the bone which will have to be drained.

Don Norris:  Praise that Mary's brother, Dan Anderson, is responding well to treatment.

Tracee McKim:  Praise that both cataract surgeries went well.

Vera Reed:  Bud is doing much better and she is hanging in there!

Fred Coggburn:  Many thanks for giving hinm time away to visit family and to bond with his grandson.

Suze Browne:  Oldest son lost his mother-in-law this past week.  Also youngest son will be moving to NYC this next week.




Prayers for those in Care Centers.

Prayer for  financial needs of many.

Prayer for Love Inc.

Peace for Israel.

Safety for our soldiers who are abroad to ensure our freedom.

Continued prayer for  the release of Bowe Bergdahl and Pastor Saeed Abedini.

John 15: 7  "If you remain in Me and My words remain to you ask whatever you wish and I will be given you"



Spiritual and numerical growth

Love for the lost world

Open hearts to God's will

Spirit of confession.




Annie Kiestra in Transitional Care and has pneumonia

Margaret Thompson, In Heritage Care Center, Rm #1.

Suze Browne, has back pain and prays or flexibility toward peace in thier home, needed when 2 families adjust to living in the same space.

Rikki has concerns for a friend.

Liz Johnsons brother, T Nauman, has heart problem.

Lee Attebury has a swollen and red leg.  Worried about infection in his artificial joint.

Laurie Hutchison - more back pain and to have x-ray,

Kevin to have parole hearing this week.

Mary Jo, prayers for foster children whose home situation is not improving.

Tracee McKim with a Migraine Headache.

 Carol Bowles askes for prayers for friend, Jean Burr, who is not doing well following back surgery.

Dewey and Sherma Daarud:  Pray for Dana as she has a broken bone and jammed finger from an accident at work.  Also praise that Bob Brackenbury is home from the hospital. Dewey also mentioned that he finished his first 5k walkathon.

Helen McCord asks for prayers for Kay as she has a broken arm and has bone cancer.

Linda Fiscus asks for prayers for her granddaughter who has a foot injury from Volleyball.

Don Norris, Prayers for Mary's back to improve.

Fred Coggburn's daughter asks for prayers for a co-workers' husband who has heart problems and doctors are unable to do anything.

Vera Reed, thanks for prayers for Bud and he is improving.


June Vance as she vacations with friends.

Norm and Mary Hughes as they travel to Mexico.

Bob Hase as he goes hunting alone.


Julie's son got an 8-point bbuck.



Pray for those in Care Centers

Prayer for financial needs of many.

Pray for Love Inc.  They will be needing a new director.

Peace for Israel

Safety for our soldiers who are abroad to ensure our freedom.

Continued prayer for the release of Bowe Bergdahl and Pastor Saeed Abedini.



Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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