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Prayer Requests

Please keep Ervin Wilkins in your prayers as he deals with kidney stones.

Linda Fiscus

Please keep the family of Jennifer Crystal in your prayers as they cope with their recent loss.

Doug Wright

Gave praises that his heart tests had good results.

Stan McLauchlin

Please keep all the folks in TX in your prayers as well as her sister, Ruth, as they cope with the excessive rain & storms.

Myra Peterson

Please keep the family of Jerry Brown in your prayers; especially, his widow, Becky.

Pastor Mark

1) Please continue to pray for strength & peace as Lari Anne Bracci continues her struggle with cancer treatment.  2)  Please keep all our church family with ongoing health issues in your thoughts & prayers.

Please add Judy Mason to your prayer list.  Judy has been diagnosed with Leukemia & faces chemo and a bone marrow transplant.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Please keep the family of Carol Bowles in your prayers as they grieve over their recent loss.

Please keep Andy Bamping in your prayers as he heals from back surgery.

Andy Bamping

Gave praise that daughter, Kelly, is doing better.  He also reported that Ray Crawford is doing better following back surgery.

Don Norris

Please for this entire country as we experience terrible storms, flooding, and range fires as well as political un-rest.

Pastor Mark

Please continue to pray for Lari Anne as she struggles with cancer treatments and others in our church family with on-going health issues.

1) Gave praises for the money for the music fund in memory of Anne Koester.  2)  Also asks for prayers for Lari Ann as she deals with cancer treatments.

Fred Coggburn

1)  Please keep Corinne Granno in your prayers as she copes with her high blood pressure. She is doing fairly well at the present time.  2)  Please keep Beth Browne & un-born baby boy, Brodie, in your prayers.  A scheduled delivery via C-section on Sept. 27th. is expected at this time.

Suze Browne

Gave an update on her niece who was having seizures.   She has been diagnosed with childhood epilepsy and hopefully will grow out of it.

Helen McCord

Requested prayer for her neighbor, Corkey, who was hospitalized recently and also prayer for his wife, Joan.

Sherma Daarud

Asked for prayers for his brother and family in Florida. Please pray for all those affected by the recent storms, earthquakes, flooding and range fires throughout the world.

Stan McLauchlin

Please continue to pray for baby Brodie Browne and his family as they adjust to his arrival and deal with his underweight issues.

Suze Browne

Please add his Mother to your prayer list as she enjoys her retirement years, hopefully in good health at age 93.

Fred Coggburn

Gave praises that he has two school days friends in church today.  Also requests prayers for his grandson & family who are overseas.

Don Norris

Gave praise that Ray Crawford, who recently had successful back surgery, is walking straight for the first time in years.

Sherm Hanson

1) Gave praise and thanks to all church members who have helped & supported them recently. She & Andy both ask for God's help with patience for she and Andy after his back surgery.   2)  Also asked for prayers for her Uncle James, who is in the 3rd stage of kidney failure.

Anne Bamping

Asked for prayers for the family of Sharon Tate who is in intensive care and not expected to live much longer.


Asked for travel mercies as he and Mary travel to South Carolina to visit his sister.

Norm Hughes

1) Reported that John Geiger lost his wife and needs our prayers.  2) Also requests prayer for Penney Bowles who is back in the hospital.

Vera Reed

It is always an honor and special treat to have Julia and Floyd Miller join us for church services.

Praises for Pastor Mark & family, Fred Coggburn & his family, the Deacons, the Deaconesses and other support staff who serve our congregation each Sunday and throughout the week.  May each one be blessed for their many contributions and efforts.

Gave Thanks for the prayers and love for new baby Brodey.

Pastor Mark and Suze

Gave praise that Corrine Granno was feeling well enough again to attend church.

Fred Coggburn

Asked for prayers for his neighbor, Jenny, who recently fell at her home.

John Slivkoff

Requested prayers for his son, Danny, who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Eldon Peterson

Asked for prayers for Don who has injured his back.

Mary Norris

1) Praise that her dog, Blanchette, is doing better with her pancreatitis. 2) Asks for prayers on behalf of Mutleaf, 12 yr old daughter of a friend who has cancer in her thigh bone and is having surgery.

Lorrie Riddle

Requests prayer for her great niece who was traumitized by the shooting death of a person standing next to her at the Las Vegas tragedy. May the Good Lord comfort all the grieving families.

Helen McCord

Please continue to pray for the Robin Plank family in their recent loss of a loved one.

Sherma Daarud

Gave Thanks to God for all He does and asks for continued prayers for his sister, Vera, who has Leukemia.

John Slivkoff

1)  Gave praises that new grandson, Brody, is growing and gaining weight.  2)  Also gave praises for the new facility now caring for her parents.

Suze Browne

Gave praise that Doug Wright is able to drive again so is more independent.

Fred Coggburn

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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