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Prayer Requests

Reported that Frank's brother, Farren, did not have a heart attack but had a triple bypass and is doing better.

Linda Fiscus

1) Asked for continued prayer for her sister, Joann and Momma  Mavis. 2) Also requested prayers for her friend, Patty, who has cancer in her jaw. 3) Gave praise for a new grandchild recently.

Anne Bamping

1) Reported that Lorrie Riddle has been approved for wet stem cell treatment. 2) Requested prayers for Lorrie's friend, Frank Hentrup. 3) Please pay for Helen's son, Kevin, who is starting a new job.

Helen McCord

Please keep our church family members in your prayers who are anticipating surgery or waiting for test results.  May they have patience and peace as they trust their medical team for skillful procedures & knowledgeable medical advice.

Asked for prayers for the  Prunty family as they grieve the loss of Jim.

Mary Norris

Praises that her grandson's heart surgery went well & he is back home.

Liz Johnson

Please keep Andy in your prayers as he heals from a broken bone in his leg as a result from a recent fall.

Anne Bamping

Please keep her  in your prayers as she copes with pain in her hip and the  possibility of surgery in Boise.

June Vance

Praises for her restored health and her recent visit from California.

Lari Ann Bracci

Please keep Clara Alley, Don Norris, Julia Miller  and others in our church family who are in constant pain or contemplating surgeries. May they feel the comforting presence of our compassionate loving Lord.

Please keep Julie and the Olmstead family in your prayers as they grive the loss of Beth Olmstead.

Mary Norris

The family of Marvin Gartner is in need of prayer as they cope with the loss of Marvin's sister.

Pastor Mark

Please pray for travel mercies for her daughter and 2 grandsons.

Sing Hess

Please pray for his friend, Beverly, who recently lost both her Mother and a Sister.

John Slivkoff

1) Asked for prayers on behalf of her Father, Ernie, who isn't feeling very well. 2) Gave praise that her stem cell treatment seems to be working well.

Lorri Riddle

Reported that Lari Ann had made it home safely after her recent visit here.

Shirley Skinner

Please pray for her son, Joe, who is going through a rought time and is in the hospital.  Also please keep Mary and Don in your prayers as they cope with this heartbreaking situation.

Mary Norris

Please keep Pastor Mark and Suze in your prayers as they both have foot issues and had recent setbacks to the healing.

Please keep her nephew, Payden, in your prayers as he heals from extensive surgery to the roof of his mouth. May his liquid diet give him divine nourishment and may he have much needed relief from pain.

Helen McCord

Gave praise that they will have their granddaughter, Aurora, for a 14 day visit and also that her daughter Kellsie will be home from Santa Cruz for a visit.

Mary Hill-Hughes

1)  Asked for prayers of healing for her Jan and Robin Cover and also prayers for her brother, Pastor Dewight Cover.  2)  Gave praise that she was priveleged to hear her son, Jonathan, sing with his band recently.

Julia Miller

Asked for prayers that the outreach at the College of Southern Idaho for the Gideon distribution of Bibles be successful this Fall. This is the first time in a couple of years the organization has been granted permission to be on campus. May this event bless numerous young people in their spiritual journey.

Floyd Miller

Asked for prayers for strength in getting along with her neighbors.

Sing Hess

Asked for travel mercies for son, Bob, and his family as they travel to Ireland.

Stan McLauchlin

Requested prayer for healing for son, John, who had surgery.

Jane McLauchlin

Praises that her recent eye surgery went well.

Lavonna Reitz

Please pray for travel mercies for Suze as she heads to Texas by herself a few days before Mark goes.  Please pray for a safe trip back home on August 16.

Pastor Mark and Suze

Requested prayer for daughter-in-law, Jen, who is suffering with Pancreatitis and also for a good visit with son, Dan, and Grandson, Jacob, whenever Jen is able to travel.

Fred Coggburn

Asked for prayers for sister-in-law, Anna Moore, who recently had kidney surgery and is recovering at Bridgeview.

Vera Reed

Please remember her  in your prayers as she undergoes surgery in Boise and for her complete recovery.  May she feel peace and calmness for her surgery.

June Vance

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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