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Prayer Requests

Prayers for travel mercies over the Labor Day weekend as they go to the Gorge.  May the beauty of God's handiwork in nature inspire a deeper faith in their souls.

Norm Hughes

1)  Gave praises that her Mother, June Vance, is recovering well from her hip replacement surgery.  2)  Also gave praises that her friend, Christy Jacobs, is doing better with her cancer treatment.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Asked for prayers that the congregation of her church in Chino Hills, California be healed as they battle serious depression.

Lari Ann Bracci

Please keep Irv Wilkins in you prayers as he recovers from knee replacement surgery. He is currently in the Genesis Care Center on Eastland Drive North ((formerly Twin Falls Care Center).

Please keep the family of Billie Jo McRill in your prayers as they cope with their recent loss.

Helen McCord

Praises that Julia & Floyd Miller continue to share their musical talents with this congregation on a regular basis.  How inspiring to see and hear evidence of their deep faith in our loving God.  Thank you Julia and Floyd for taking the time and effort out of your busy schedule to come join us.

Mary Baldwin

Praises that his family were at church with him recently.

John Slivkoff

Please keep all the people affected by Hurricane Florence in your prayers.  Some have lost loved ones, many have suffered loss of property and had to relocate, either temporarily or permanently.  Please pray for strength for them as they rebuild and continue on with their lives.  Also, that if they don't know the Lord, that this natural disaster will move them toward our loving Lord.

Please keep Pastor Fred in your prayers as he deals with lung issues. He is on antibiotics & other medications as well as oxygen when needed.

Pastor Fred Coggburn

Please keep Kimberley Merritt in your prayers as she is a very sick 5 month old patient at Denver's Childrens' Hospital.

Jane Merritt

Prayer has been requested for his son-in-law, Richard, who is dealing with congenital heart diseas and other health issues at this time.

John Slivkoff

Please add her son, Clint Quintana, to your prayer list as he is suffering from a heart valve issue and needs to consider surgery.

Mary Bryant

Please keep daughter, Drew, in your prayers as she copes with unruly children in her teaching position.  All teachers need our prayers for patience and strength as they deal with their students.

Dewey Daarud

Gave Thanks for a donation he received this week from an anonymous donor.

Pastor Fred

Reports that Irv Wilkins is home now after undergoing knee surgery.

Linda Fiscus

A big "Thank You" to Helen McCord for joining Pastor Fred in leading music worship last week.

Condolences to the family of Devon Mills for their recent loss.

Linda Fiscus

Reports that her sister-in-law, Anna Moore, has been released from Bridgeview and is doing well.

Vera Reed

Gave praises that their grandson, Brodey, recently celebrated his first birthday as a very healthy and happy little boy.

Suze Browne

Reports that his son, Dan, is starting a new job and daughter-in-law, Jen, is back working and doing well with taking care of her health issues.

Pastor Fred

Please keep Frank and their grandson, Todd, in your prayers as they recover from bad colds.

Linda Fiscus

Gave praises that son, Joe, is home again and doing well.

Mary Norris

Please keep Sherma and Dewey in your prayers as they cope with the insurance company regarding coverage for a procedure that Dewey needs. Please pray for strength and patience as they deal with the paperwork and that the insurance company will approve payment for the medical procedure.

Sherma Daarud

Reported that Lori Riddle had another surgery and it went well.  She is back home again now.

Helen McCord

Said that he is feeling much better now. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Fred

Please pray for her sister, Louise and family, who recently lost a member of the family.

Linda Fiscus

1) Please pray for her Grandson who is teaching in a foreign country and who would like to start a family.  2)  Please keep a family in Rupert in your prayers who recently lost a loved one.

Mary Norris

1) Asked for prayer for him and Jane. 2) Also requested prayers for the Calob Merritt family who recently lost their daughter, Kimberly.

Stan McLauchlin

Please pray for Glenna Mavencamp who is very ill.  She is the Grandmother of Sara Mavencamp.

June Vance

Please keep Jan Beer in your prayers.

John Slivkoff

Requested prayer for her brother-in-law who has Alzheimers.

Helen McCord

Praises that LaVonna Reitz is back.

Cathy Bostwick is in Bridgeview being treated for ulcers and other medical problems as well as receiving physical therapy.

Congratulations to Arnie Ringenberg and Carma who were married on October 13.  Best Wishes for many happy & healthy years together!

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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