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Prayer Requests

Prayer for Pastor Mark & Suze as they lead & guide this congregation.

Praise that members are willing to serve on the Church board, as deacons, deaconesses, music team, maintenance people, and support staff.

Praises that she is feeling better.

Carol Bowles

1) Praises that her house sold. 2) Prayer for her friend, Linda, in the loss of her Mother, Lucille Milligan.

Vera Reed

Prayer for Shelly Jesser who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mary Norris

Prayer for her brother, Bill who is having troubles. Bill lives in Oklahoma.

Velma Butler

Praises for the yarn to make hats for the needy.  The yarn was donated  by Doug.

Corinne Granno

Thanks to the congregation for all the prayers in Jennifer's healing.

Mary Jo Gartner

Praise that Suze was able to sing up front with him today.

Fred Coggburn

Prayer for Isaac as the court battle continues regarding Aurora.  Please pray for understanding during this process, especially on January 11th.

Mary Hill-Hughes

Continued prayer for her grandson, Jeff, as he recovers from a stroke and heart attack.

Liz Johnson

Prayers for Lari Anne's quick recovery from her cold and for successful cancer treatment.

Shirley Skinner

Reports that her sister-in-law is in a nursing home at the present time.  May she adjust well & receive the professional nursing care she needs.

Sing Hess

1) Her friend, Patty, is not requiring any treatment at this time for a non-aggressive cancer.  Praise the Lord!!    2) Requests prayers that she personally can find patience.

Anne Bamping

Requests prayers for Valerie Bacon who is dealing with brain cancer. Also pray for Valerie's husband, Pastor Brian Bacon during this ordeal.

Riqui Peterson

Prayer for her nephew, Joe Franco, that his present pain is not cancer returning to his body and that our merciful Lord will take away his pain.

Helen McCord

Prayer for Caden, a ten year old boy who is passing kidney stones which is a very painful process.

Vera Reed

Please pray that she can trust God completely during these times of trial.


Praise that the Judge granted longer visitations with baby Aurora.  Also please pray for safe trips to Hailey for Mary and Isaac

Norm Hughes

Please pray that his son, Dan, will find more work after his current contract is finished. 

Fred Coggburn

She is requesting prayers for her nephew, Raleigh. She is especially concerned about his well-being because of her returned cards to him. 

Sing Hess

!) Gave praise for being able to attend church again.  2)  Requests prayer for her father, Ernie, who has some medical issues and is not feeling well.

Lori Riddle

Please pray for the Budden family. May they find daily strength from our loving Lord.

Riqui Peterson

Please pray that her friend, Amanda Picas, will have a speedy recovery from placement of a colostomy bag.  Also, please pray that Amanda will have the ability to handle this new health challenge. 

June Vance

1) Praise for all the blessings God gives us. 2) Please keep Andy in your prayers. 3) Please pray for the family of her friend Lavern who recently passed away & whom she considered her second Mother. 4) Reported that Mavis is recuperating well from her surgery.

Anne Bamping

1) She reported that her nephew, Joe Franco, is currently on medication for an infection and gave praises that the cancer has not returned. 2) Gave praises that her sister's leg has healed enough to now bear weight. 2) Asked for prayer for her nephew, Jim, who is in need of a liver transplant due to the damage from excessive iron production.

Helen McCord

Reported that her brother in South Africa received good test results and no sign of his cancer returning.

Suze Browne

1) Asked for prayers for Jason Carr, his wife and family who are going to New Guinea as missionaries. Mrs. Carr will also teach there. 2) Please continue to pray that his son, Dan, will get a job with UPS soon.

Fred Coggburn

Please pray for Arnie Ringenberg & the family as they deal with the loss of Cheryl.

Mary Baldwin

Bonnie Dauven needs your prayers as she has re-occurring cancer and balance problems which require her to be in a nursing home.  She is currently living at the Cedar Draw Living Center at 4094 N 2100 E in Filer 83328.

Mary Baldwin

Please continue prayers for Lari Anne as she receives treatments for cancer.  She is the daughter of the late Ann Koester of our church.

Mary Baldwin

Please pray for work opportunities in the electricial field.

Zach Peterson

It has been reported that Delsey Clammpet is doing wellaccording to her son, Alan.

Liz Johnson

Please keep Fred's wife, Vicki, in your prayers as she has surgery on her shoulder bone which was injured in a recent fall.

Fred Coggburn

Praise God for the healing Suze has experienced in her ankle. She is doing better & better each day.

Pastor Mark

Please keep her brother-in-law, Silvan, in your prayers.

Helen McCord

1) Praise God for the encourging report about her Dad's skin cancer removal.  2) Please add her Great Uncle Harr to your prayer list who has liver cancer.  3) Also, please pray for Lori's friend, Connie Nolan, who needs shoulder surgery.

Lorri Riddle

Please pray for all the children including the one-year son of Linda's co-worker, Jordan.

Linda Fiscus

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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