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Prayer Requests

Please ask for the Lord's mercy & grace on this wicked world and help each Christian to be more faithful and obedient.

Linda Fiscus

Please keep Stan and Jane in your prayers as Jane undergoes a hospital procedire.

Stan McLauchlin

Requested prayer for her daughter-in-law's father who has a defective heart and facing some unknowns.  Please pray for strength for each member of the family as they cope with this scary situation.

Mary Bryant

Please pray for each member of our church family, our Pastors and for their continued devout leadership.

John Weston needs prayers as he deals with cancer in his kidneys.

Mary Hill-Hughes

1) Asked for prayers for friend, Patty 2) Also requested prayers for Anne, who is having a tough time right now.

Andy Bamping

Please keep Silvan and Dorothy Bailey in your prayers. He is suffering from Alzheimers and Dorothy needs the Lord's strength at this time.

Helen McCord

Please pray for her friend who fell and broke several vertebrae in her back.

Sherma Daarud

Gave an update on his son, Joe and said that "He's doing good."

Don Norris

Requested prayer for her brother-in-law who is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday and may lose his leg.

Mary Bryant

Asked for prayers for the Watt family. Mr. Watt had both of his knee caps removed due to infection.

Dewey Daarud

Please continue to pray for Pat Gerdon as she struggles with health issues.

Pat Gerdon

Please keep our church family, our teachers, pastors, law enforcement personnel, soldiers, and leaders at every political level in your daily prayers.  This country needs the wisdom & guidance of our Heavenly Father in order to survive these trying times.

Mary Baldwin

Requested prayes for travel mercies for her niece, Lisa, as she heads back to Houston.

Linda Fiscus

Gave praises that his longtime friend, Ira Bryant, visited recently.

Don Norris

1) Asked for prayers for his brother Ed, who recently had surgery for prostrate cancer. 2) Gave praises that KMVT corrected the news about the Gideons handing out Bibles on school time.

Floyd Miller

Asked for prayers for Paradise, California

Julia Miller

Gave praise for the help our church gave to his daughter, Deborah, in a time of need.

John Slivkoff

Requested prayer for Sing Hess who recently fell and may have broken some ribs.

Helen McCord

Asked for prayers for her nephew, Arlan, who may be able to come home from the hospital in Salt Lake City but will need kidney dialysis as he awaits a transplant.

Myra Petersen

Asked that Lori Riddle be kept in your prayers as her infected toe heals.

Pastor Mark

1) Update on Sing Hess revealed just bruises from her recent fall and she is feeling much better. 2) Charles DeSimone had recently gotten a good report from his oncologist and his vitals were at good levels. 3) Asked for prayers on behalf of Lynn McCord who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer but can't get into surgery until January. 4) Requested prayer for Russel, who has severe breathing problems.

Helen McCord

Requested prayer for her friend, Pastor Fritz, who is having shoulder surgery.

Lorri Riddle

She is back in town after a hospitalization in Boise from a bad fall and now residing at Genesis Care Center.

Clara Alley

Please keep Stan in your prayers as he is having a tough week.

Jane Merritt

Please keep their daughter-in-law, Rebecca, in your prayers as she copes with a disease transmitted by a sand flea bite.

Duane Howe

Please remember Fred Coggburn and Stan McLauchlin in your prayers as they cope with breathing problems.

Vera Reed

Reports that Cathy Bostwick was still at Bridgeview.

June Vance

Requested prayers for a friend  who recently lost his sister.

Dewey Daarud

Asked for prayers for her cousin, Nanette Little.

Linda Fiscus

Please keep the people of Alaska in your prayers as they deal with the damage from the earthquake.

Requested prayer for Rena Sheppeard, who recently suffered brain injuries from a bad fall & also for Glenna Mavencamp who is coping with a cancer diagnosis.

June Vance

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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