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Prayer Requests

Asked for prayers for Don who has injured his back.

Mary Norris

1) Praise that her dog, Blanchette, is doing better with her pancreatitis. 2) Reports that  Mutleaf, 12 yr old daughter of a friend who has cancer in her thigh bone, is doing better the family Thanks everyone for their prayers..

Lorrie Riddle

Requests prayer for her great niece who was traumitized by the shooting death of a person standing next to her at the Las Vegas tragedy. May the Good Lord comfort all the grieving families.

Helen McCord

Please continue to pray for the Robin Plank family in their recent loss of a loved one.

Sherma Daarud

Gave praises for the new facility now caring for her parents.

Suze Browne

Gave praise that Doug Wright is able to drive again so is more independent.

Fred Coggburn

1)  Gave praises that Andy's back surgery was successful & he no longer has pain. 2)  Asked for prayers for the people affected by the wildfires in California and who have lost everything.

Anne Bamping

1)  Asked for prayer for brother-in-law, Lynn McCord, who is having open heart surgery.  2)  Asked for prayer for Ernie Riddle who is not feeling well.

Helen McCord

Requested prayer for travel mercies for family traveling to Oklahoma.

John Slivkoff

Requested prayer for Rodney Hopwood who has been diagnosed with bone cancer and is going to the Huntsman Cancer Center for treatment.

Don Norris

We need to keep our church members in our prayers who are traveling the painful journey of grief.

Requested prayer for her niece, Elliot, who is suffering with a bad cold.

Suze Browne

Asked for prayers for Stan's children Dan & Kim in the loss of their Mother.

Jane Merrit-McLauchlin

Gave praise for new granddaughter, Ellie

Arnie Ringenberg

Keep Ernie McCollum in your prayers. He is having some serious health problems. His three daughters have been visiting.

Anne Bamping

Sends greetings and prayers for her church family. She is doing well & currently getting physical therapy for her broken arm.

Liz Johnson

Asks for prayer for his wife, Billie. She is in home-care with Organic Brain disease.

Bill Dobson

Asked for travel prays as he, Mary & June Vance travel to Mexico and back.

Norm Hughes

Requested prayers for Dewey's sore shoulder.

Sherma Daarud

Gave praise for her niece, Reggie Marlow, who is doing better & thanked everyone for their prayers.

Sing Hess

1)  Gave praise that her sister's seizures are being controlled.  2) Also requested travel mercies for Shirley Skinner.

Anne Bamping

Gave praise that her son, Zach, and Riqui Peterson are expecting a baby in May.   She asks for our prayers for things to go well and they will have a healthy baby.

Donna Cleland

1) Gave praise that John Mark has a new job. 2) Requests prayer that new grandson, Brodey, will continue to gain weight.  3)  Also gave praise for the renewed strength she is getting.

Suze Browne

Asked for prayers to help the doctors figure out why he has had a cough for the last few years.

Fred Coggburn

Please pray for Liz Johnson's continued healing of her arm/shoulder injury from a fall.

Please pray that Clara Alley will find relief from her arthritic pain and recover fully from a recent fall.

Please continue to pray for Lori Ann Bracci as she travels the road of cancer recovery.

Reported that her daughter, Cheryl Taylor, is home from the hospital and is doing better.

Linda Fiscus

Requested prayer for Brian Silvester, who was burned in an accident and is in the hospital in Salt Lake City.

Marvin Gartner

Asked for prayer for his sister, Marsha Joe, who recently fell and is pretty banged up.

Andy Bamping

Asked for continued prayer for Clara Alley who is struggling with health issues.

Pat Gerdon

Requested prayer for the family  of Lee Atterbury who recently passed away.

Helen McCord

Please pray for Veneble family.  Dorine has lost both parents in the last four months.

Mary Norris

Please pray that Andy's hand will heal quickly which he injured in a recent fall. 2)  Please pray for healing for Anne's sister & for strength for the husband as he cares for her sister.

Anne Bamping

Please continue to pray for the little girl, Mylice, whose leg has been hurt again.

Lorri Riddle

Reported that Jerome Fiscus had a knee replacement done and is back to work.

Linda Fiscus

Reports her daughter, Kelly, is doing much better.

Mary Norris

Gave praises that his niece got a teaching position in Caldwell and he is very proud of her.

Doug Wright

Is thankful her travels went well.

Suze Browne

Is thankful to see John Browne working in the seafood department at Smiths.

Fred Coggburn

Is thankful for the ministry of Jubilee House.

Floyd Miller

1)   Is thankful for her godly parents and the godly principles they gave to her. 2)   She is also thankful for her husband, Floyd. 3)   She asks for continued prayers  for her two brothers who are having health problems.

Julia Miller

Asked for healing prayer on behalf of her sister, Mikala, who recently had surgery on her nose.

Jennifer Gartner

Asked for prayers for her cousin, Peggy Mothershed's family in their recent loss.

Vera Reed

Requested prayer for her father, Floyd Vance, who recently had a stroke. Mr. Vance is back home again but needs continued prayers.

Mary Hughes

Asked for prayers for her son, George, who broke his thumb.

Jane McLauchlin

Gave praise that his sister's Leukemia is now in remission & for all the blessings he personally has received.

John Slivkoff

Please pray for healing of all members of Liz Johnson's family recently injured in a car accident.

Shirley Skinner

Please keep the people of Washington

state in your prayers who have suffered losses from the mudslides.  Also remember her daughter working with the the Red Cross  and others involved in the rescue efforts.

Myra Peterson

John introduced his friends, Dan and Dora Smith, and welcomed them to our church.

John Butler

Please keep Glenna Mavencamp in your prayers.  Glenna is suffering from a serious bladder infection and a compromised single kidney. 

June Vance

Our sympathy to Bill Dobson and his family in the loss of his wife wife, Billie.

Please remember Ernie McCollum, Lari Anne Bracci, Clara Alley and Liz Johnson in our prayers as they cope with serious health issues.

Many Thanks to our Deacons, Deaconesses, Board of

Directors and other support staff who assist our Pastor and Associate Pastor in countless ways.

Asked for prayers for Pat Carrol, who fell on the sidewalk and hurt her nose.  Pat also got a large bruise on her head but has been dismissed from the hospital.

Cathy Bostwick

Asked for travel prayers for her daughter, Peggy.

Sing Hess

Asked for prayers for Danny & Shirley Skinner who both have a virus.

Carol Kinslow

Asked for prayers for some Hagerman High School students who are going through some upheavals in their lives.

Sherma Daarud

Asked for prayers to help him minister to a gentleman whom he met at the Crises Center.

Pastor Mark

Please send all of your requests to our email listed below.  We will post all requests as well as requests during Sunday Services.  Please keep these requests in your prayers.  Thank you and God bless all that you do.

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